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7 Unique IB CAS hours’ ideas

The essential prerequisites of each of the features of CAS are Creativity, Activity and Service. 'Creativity' commands IB students to connect with their artistic moods and derive something that employs their creative thinking. 'Activity' involves physical exertion and ‘Service’ includes helping the community without any monetary benefit.

For the students who might run out of ideas for their CAS reflections, here are 7 unique IB CAS ideas that can help them:

1. Creating a video

The video could be about any global issue that requires attention from everyone such as waste management, sustainability, plastic pollution, etc. The video can include the precautionary steps one should take to curb the issues. This video creation will help the students earn a lot of hours for all the components of CAS.

Planning it, writing its script and selecting an apt background score will fetch them 'creativity' points. Finding an ideal location for the shoot and setting up the equipment to record the video would account for the ‘activity’ part. Finally, since the video would be in the public interest and the students would not earn any remuneration for their effort, they will be eligible to claim their 'service' points.

2. Playing a sport

Playing any sport is an exemplary filler for the CAS reflections such as cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton, football, etc. It is an easy way of securing numerous ‘activity’ hours. The students can dedicate approximately 2 hours per week to it.

3. Learning to play a musical instrument

Learning to play the basics of a musical instrument such as violin, guitar, piano, etc. is a quick way to earn ‘creativity’ points. It can be ideal if they choose a less demanding instrument on which they can base at least one of their Internal Assessments. (An apt topic for Physics IA where the students can probe into the topic of waves through the range of vibrations produced by their chosen instrument)

4. Volunteering on weekends

CAS hours should not be limited to weekdays. The students can volunteer monthly at any local NGO, nursing home, animal shelter, orphanage, etc. The students must take the approval of their CAS coordinator and get connected to the person in charge of the volunteering place. By doing so, they would affirm their confirmation.

5. Starting a club

Doing CAS hours which students are passionate about, is a fun way to document their hours. They can start a club for theatre, photography, films, poetry, etc. This endeavour requires a lot of effort and planning. It would be best if a student does this with a friend with the similar interest and enthusiasm.

6. Tree plantation

Often tree plantation programmes are organised by the local authorities and can earn the students at least 3 hours of CAS. The students can research the types of sustainable trees in their area. Then they would buy the seeds and finally find a suitable location to plant them. Such an activity will fetch them ‘service’ hours.

7. Teaching a skill

This is a good idea to include for CAS. The students can reach out to their community and inquire if people need a tutor. Tutoring can be in any subject or field of expertise; creative writing, coding, maths or a foreign language, etc.

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