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How an Average Student Excels in the IB Programme

International Baccalaureate programmes are immersive, engaging and recognised for their academic rigour. Each course is specifically designed with set outcomes for students in that stage of their education. The IB Diploma Programme, for instance, is a two-year long pre-university course for learners aged 16 to 19 years. In this intense programme, along with classroom hours for 6 subjects, there will be regular coursework, projects, and presentations. Plus, there are extracurricular requirements with 150 hours of Creativity, Activity and Service, a 4000-word Extended Essay, and a Theory of Knowledge course.  International Baccalaureate schools in Bangalore provide extensive support to learners to adapt to the programmatic expectations.

The course objectives

To understand how one can do well in IBDP, even if they are an average student, one must thoroughly understand the course objectives and syllabus. IB curriculum schools in Bangalore like the Knowledgeum Academy have a detailed orientation programme before the academic session begins to guide students and their parents about the IB study approach. IB’s primary objective is to make students critical thinkers who understand the theories and concepts and can apply them in real-life scenarios. Next, through the courses, they hope to groom learners to develop international-mindedness and be tolerant, ethical and compassionate individuals.

It’s not tough, it’s extensive

When one looks at their packed academic calendar and the schedule for the first year, someone coming from the regional school boards like CBSE and ICSE may be overwhelmed. However, the key to cracking IBDP is efficient time management and a single-minded focus towards completing their tasks. IBDP does not follow the traditional learning approach where after class the student crams the concepts and solves abstract problems in exams. Here, the teachers introduce learners to the theories and subject in the classroom and then the students are given assignments or projects where they have to research the subject, apply the concepts and present their understanding through solving a problem. IB schools in Bangalore such as the Knowledgeum Academy organise and encourage participation in field visits, social events, cultural festivals, competitions and exchange programmes. These are aside from the regular academic learning that a student has to do. IB requires meticulous planning and dedication towards the programme. In terms of difficulty, the course is competitive but it gives learners the breadth to engage with the programme at their pace and in their terms by -

  • Allowing them to choose the subjects where their aptitude and interests lie
  • Giving them the option to choose compulsory subjects at Standard Level or Higher Level
  • Allowing them to choose the topics for projects, EE, and TOK

Some tips for preparing for the IB programme

  • Use your time wisely by preparing and staying ahead. There will be surprise tests, personal engagements, and completing reports among other activities. So, if you are up-to-date on your current work, you will always have buffer time.
  • Don’t neglect self-study. Chalk out at least one hour each day for solving past question papers, reviewing everything you have learnt so far and preparing your question bank.
  • Ask for help from your friends, teachers, or guidance counsellors. IBDP encourages collaboration and you may find a good study partner. Top IB schools in Bangalore Knowledgeum Academy have regular counselling sessions and take advantage of these to cope with academic stress.
  • Understand the syllabus. What are the course expectations, grading style, how to answer questions, etc? This will help you plan your approach to studying and writing exams.
  • Pay attention to your performance in your Extended Essay and Learner Portfolio. These are very important to your grades a nd even when you are applying for college.

Knowledgeum Academy is the best IB school In Bangalore in terms of the way it provides its students support to cope with the intensive two years of pre-university courses. Besides having highly experienced teachers, the top IB schools have student guidance counsellors, wellness coaches and university guidance counsellors who help learners cope with the stress of 11th and 12th grade. Students have dedicated academic counsellors to whom they can take their difficulties and plan ways to improve their performance through timely interventions. IBDP presents learners with ample opportunities to build a strong college application and even teaches many important skills for college and career. Even an average student can take advantage of this programme and learn these skills.

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