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Infrastructure Facilities of Knowledgeum Academy

Knowledgeum Academy (KA), the title holder of India's Top International Emerging Schools by India School Merit Awards 2023 by Education Today offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), which is a two-year pre-university course. The IBDP course is a widely recognised international high school programme that has a comprehensive syllabus and holistic pedagogy which meets the contemporary needs of learners who are on the threshold of entering college. Knowledgeum Academy has one of the most well-structured course offerings with academic and non-academic infrastructure support to help learners succeed.

Campus Infrastructure

Knowledgeum Academy’s campus has been designed by renowned architects who have designed indoor and outdoor spaces that are conducive to the learner and educator’s needs. The IBDP course requirements involve many practical exercises, participation in debates, making presentations, online submissions and maintaining ePortfolio, participation in CAS etc. All these activities have to be supported by the school with appropriate modern amenities. KA has installed modern learning tools, technologies and spaces to facilitate the learner’s endeavours. Every classroom has projectors and modern teaching aids, and the rooms are designed to facilitate easy discussions and engagement. There are well-equipped, safety-compliant International Standard Science Laboratories for performing experiments. The school’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) comprises multiple study spaces for research, reading, and instructional resources for studying. There are separate rooms for the Creative Arts Arena to nurture talent and spark new interests in performing arts and fine arts. Throughout the campus, there are technology-enhanced hybrid learning spaces for multidimensional learning. The campus has spaces for indoor and outdoor sports activities that are fully equipped with amenities for multiple sports.

Infrastructure to support activities

KA has a structured sports programme which is essential to the “Activity” aspect of CAS. The institute has wide spaces for various initiatives such as -

  • “Community partnership” programme for authentic interaction between learners and domain experts.
  • National and international University Education Information sessions to connect learners with university admission officers.
  • Business Building workshops where learners receive training in financial literacy and entrepreneurship.
  • “Academic and Career Pathways” programme to introduce learners to various academic possibilities.
  • Various student clubs promote leadership, skill development, and school spirit.
  • The Makerspace programme explores many career pathways in STEM, design, entrepreneurship, IT, education, and more.

Physical and Mental Well-being

Since IBDP is an intensive programme, learners will be spending the best part of the day in the school studying and preparing for academic and non-academic activities that are core aspects of the programme. The two-year programme is a critical academic juncture and the learner’s physical and mental well-being will be tested. Thus, KA has partnered with a reputed food partner to serve a tasty, hygienic and nutritious menu in compliance with Health, Safety & Environment (HSE). Through the “Medha Yoga” programme, learners are taught structured reflection and meditation practices. Learners are also provided life skills training and certification programmes by a licensed training partner to prepare them to respond appropriately in emergencies.

A world of possibilities

KA has prepared infrastructural support to open learners to a world of possibilities by helping them focus purely on their goal, devoid of any distractions. Because of its convenient location and state-of-the-art facilities, the institute frequently hosts leaders from all walks of life. They have integrated learning and communication software that performs multiple tasks on a single platform. Thus, learners can easily access digital libraries, scholarly articles, the latest news, and communications. This helps them focus on school work and explore new interests and aspects of the subject they are studying.

IBDP and KA education aims to make learners independent thinkers with exposure to diversity and globalisation. The school achieves this by maintaining a high standard in quality of education. Every aspect of the school’s infrastructure reflects and nurtures its aim for excellence and collaborative spirit.

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