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Things to Consider while Choosing an IB School in Bangalore

Today several educational boards and varied subjects are available for students to study as per their interests and passion. Choosing the International Baccalaureate Board for schooling years is a significant decision because of its unconventional approach to studies and its divergent techniques of assessments and learning methods.

Well, it's no unknown fact that the schooling and the kind of education and disciplinary training received at a younger growing age will have a significant impact on the child. For the latter reason, it is vital to choose a school after a wide research and satisfactory findings.

IB Board has become pretty much famous and widely spread all over the world. However, the IB Schools aren’t that spread across like other educational board-affiliated schools.

If you are looking for an ideal city with IB Boards in India, then Bengaluru, Karnataka ranks first without a glimpse of doubt. In this blog, we shall discuss the major and crucial aspects to consider while choosing an IB Schools in Bangalore.

Ensuring official accreditation of the school to the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) will further ensure top-notch training and quality standards with respect to all student activities and assessments. Additionally, IB authorisation promotes innovative learning programmes and practical exposure.

Programme Curriculum
Cross-check the school-offered IB assessment programmes with the ones prescribed by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation). IB Schools offer PYP, MYP, and DP programmes along with specialised assessment schemes for personal projects, extended essays, etc. Ensuring all these factors will help in ensuring quality training for the student.

Reputation of the Institute
It is important to look up the alumnus and an overall background review for the school. This in turn gives an enhanced idea of the school’s belief systems, and culture and takes on overall learning and development.

Previous Academic Achievements of the Institute
Previous Academic Achievements of the institute talk about the expertise of their school and training method. This can provide a detailed insight into their academic accolades that can help you to understand if your requirements are in alignment with the school’s services.

Qualification of the Faculties
Qualifications possessed by the faculties give assurance for passing on quality education. Getting trained under the IB Curriculum is also equally important for the teachers to provide a good education.

Infrastructure and other Facilities
A well-equipped and peaceful environment is mandatory for a student’s overall development. Check for the libraries, classrooms, playgrounds, and more for an integrated learning experience.

Student-teacher Ratio
Cross-checking the student population in a classroom further ensures that each student is getting fair and unbiased attention and guidance. A comparatively lower ratio assures impartial assistance to each student.

Extra-curricular Activities
Learning is an integrated experience and fostering extracurricular activities during growing years is necessary for the overall growth and honing of soft skills and emotional intelligence. It is important to note that extracurricular activities are essential for the holistic development of the child.

Residential and Commute Facilities to School
Nearby schools and reliable transportation facilities are indeed mandatory to avoid the hassle and juggle of going to school and spending long hours just commuting. A stress-free commute option lets the student relax and avoid wasting time.

International Baccalaureate Programmes are promising quality education and they aim at nurturing students beyond regular education. Global recognition of the educational board further helps students to prepare for International Universities, the course design in fact equips students with the required skills to face International Bachelors. Considering the above factors closely while searching for an IB school will definitely be a plus for choosing the right one with the right course and student training techniques.

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