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Which is the No. 1 IB school in India?

Prepare your child for a future where they are citizens of the world, ready to adapt to the new world where competition will be intense and being tech-savvy is essential. IB schools in India are fulfilling an essential need by offering education programmes that meet the contemporary needs of learners. The International Baccalaureate schools in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and other metro cities are among the best schools in the country. Learners in IB schools in these cosmopolitan cities benefit from the diverse peer group, highly qualified educators and amenities and activities that uphold the spirit of IB education. There are multiple criteria against which one can state which is the No. 1 IB school in India.

Top IB schools in India

Some of the top IB schools in India are -

More important than the IB school’s ranking is how suitable it is for a learner. Some criteria to consider are -

  • The student-teacher ratio that is maintained in the school
  • The number of educators and the attrition rate
  • The IB subjects that are offered by the school
  • The sports activities, fine arts courses, and performing arts courses offered by the school
  • The numer of events, field trps and visits on campus by well-known speakers
  • The support of the administration and management
  • The accessibility to the school

Bangalore's best IB schools - Knowledgeum Academy

Knowledgeum Academy is one of the best IB schools In Bangalore for the IB Diploma Programme. The school has a WiFi campus in, Jayangar, a major location in the city. They have GPS-enabled buses plying across the city for day schoolers and excellent secure residential facilities for boarding learners. The school has a modern campus with state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries and education technologies in the classroom. They offer a wide selection of IBDP subjects that learners can choose from. If you are seeking IB curriculum schools in Bangalore - Knowledgeum Academy offers a highly focused programme that is aligned with learner’s aspirations to qualify for the top colleges and graduate programmes.

A guided programme for college aspirants

Learners seeking admission to IB schools in Bangalore such as the Knowledgeum Academy come to the school with a goal. They aspire to go to the top engineering colleges, enrol for the world’s best medical programmes, or want to study in the top international or Ivy League colleges. At Knowledgeum Academy from the moment a learner is enrolled on the programme, the academic counsellors and University admission counsellors discuss the learner’s aspirations and guide them in the subject selection, choosing activities and initiatives, and working on a college application and entrance exams. Thus, in the crucial two years, the learners have keen focus and work with a clear plan of action.

IB course focus

The IB board has a holistic approach to education and the schools offering their programmes must provide learners with ample opportunities for extracurricular activities, sports, and community service besides meeting their high academic standards. The best IB schools in Bangalore like the Knowledgeum Academy have indoor and outdoor sports arenas and through the academic calendar, learners engage in some extracurricular activity every month. These may include organising and participating in the school festival, community outreach programme, participation in the city-wide cleanliness drive and similar programmes, participating in marathons and other sports events, cultural festivals where learners showcase their talents and more.

The top IB schools in Bangalore like the Knowledgeum Academy also attract the most talented faculty members and guests. Learners can stay on campus and focus entirely on their preparation for IBDP assessments and entrance exams for college courses. Thus, the school gives the learners a distinct advantage by helping them save travel time. It also focuses on their mental and physical wellness, which is important during this crucial phase.

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