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Preparing for Future Opportunities: Queen's University

04 April 2023

The Director of UG Admissions of Queens University, Ms. Allison, recently visited Knowledgeum Academy to showcase the numerous benefits of pursuing higher education at Queen’s University. During her visit, she highlighted the university's academic excellence, nurturing campus culture, and the opportunities available to students, especially those with an International Baccalaureate background.

Ms. Allison emphasised the university's academic rigour and the resources available to help students succeed. She also talked about the various programmes and majors offered by Queen's University, which span across various fields including science, engineering, business, and arts.

Moreover, she highlighted the cordial campus culture and the numerous opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities and community service. Ms. Allison also discussed the importance of diversity and inclusion at the University, emphasising their commitment to creating an environment where all students can thrive and feel valued.

She emphasised the value of the IB program and how it prepares students for the academic rigour of higher education as well as the various scholarships available to IB students. This session also allowed the interested students to clarify any doubts that they may have had regarding foreign education and the life it entails.

Overall, Ms. Allison's visit to Knowledgeum Academy was informative and insightful. She provided valuable information about the university and its offerings and left the students with a positive impression of Queen's University.

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