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Women's Day, gender equity and inclusivity

08 March 2023

Members of Knowledgeum Academy went around the campus and asked educators, staff and students what qualities came to their mind when they heard the word "Women". The plethora of responses received was unique and comforting. It reflected the high value people attach to womanhood and the positive association they make with the gender. Mentally well-balanced, courageous, organised, emotional, caring, ambitious, benevolent, powerful are amongst a few qualities that were mentioned.

Women’s Day was celebrated with a lot of passion and vigour where students organised a mock interview where two of the learners impersonated two extremely talented and established personalities from different walks of life.

Our learners put "Experiential Learning" to the test when they were tasked to portray Nirmala Sitharaman, an economist and politician serving as the Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs of India since 2019 and Smriti Mandhana, an Indian cricketer who plays for the Indian women's national team and recently signed to play for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the WPL in a highly engaging interview drafted by another talented student who played the role of a professional journalist. This exercise allowed them to ideate, plan and answer questions as the characters they were playing with realistic and creative responses.

They also stood in solidarity with the #EmbraceEquity campaign where they strived to stand up for equality and equal rights for women socially and professionally. The objective of this event was to raise awareness, identify realistic concerns pertaining to women and encourage the learners to devise tangible and applicable solutions to solve them.

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