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The House System of Knowledgeum Academy

At Knowledgeum Academy, our House System plays an integral role in cultivating our academy’s culture and values. We aspire to provide our learners with a collective identity and a deep sense of pride within a supportive atmosphere. This system promotes healthy competition and fosters stronger connections among the learners.

Learners can join one of the three houses. The names of the houses are representative of various virtues that are reflective of Knowledgeum Academy. They are as follows:

Auriga (Pronounced as or-EYE-gah)

Auriga represents the colour Red. It often resembles a charioteer indicating leadership/captaincy which are qualities learners must imbibe at the Academy. It has historically served as a guiding light for travellers and shepherds which is a quality we strive to imbibe in our learners who would be guided by the academy and eventually guide others in their paths. The Auriga charioteer is a metaphor for the pursuit of excellence which is precisely the goal of the academy- to inspire excellence. Just as Auriga shines on for millennia, love for learning is instilled amongst all learners.

Aquila (Pronounced as ack-WILL-lah)

Aquila represents the colour Blue. It has some of the brightest stars in the constellation, similar to the bright young minds the academy wishes to build. It’s named after the majestic eagle and represents courage, soaring spirit, grace and all essential attributes that Knowledgeum expects its learners to develop. It is rich in diversity, with multiple stars forming its shape; similarly, the Academy encourages learners to harness their collective intelligence for the greater good.

Apus (Pronounced as APE-us)

Apus is slightly uncommon and has its own unique charm and significance in the celestial tapestry and is often referred to as the birds of paradise. It plays a part in understanding the universe. Similarly, education at Knowledgeum Academy stands as a distinct approach to learning, with its unique concepts and techniques and developing learners with a will to change the world. It is a faint constellation, comprising a rich variety of stars just like we emphasise thriving in diversity, multiculturalism, and multiperspectivity.

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