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Learning and Outcomes

Competency Pathways & Skill-Enhancement Programmes

This programme deploys various methods to enhance learners’ experience and endow them with an abundance of relevant skills.

Drawing from the 21st Century’s most innovative and effective educational models, Knowledgeum Academy’s curriculum combines high academic standards with interdisciplinary, project-based and hands-on learning.

Acquire a globally renowned skill development certified programme that demonstrates the communication skills necessary to engage in personal, professional, civic, and social relationships. This programme will help students appreciate new learning but will also earn them points to secure a place in the most sought-after universities around the world.

It is an internationally acknowledged programme that adds value and challenges the mental, physical and social well-being of the students by including physical activities, skills, community service and adventures.

Knowledgeum Academy gives students the opportunity to experiment with various strategies, make tough decisions, and face consequences in real-time. Students develop new skills like resilience, teamwork, and leadership by managing competing priorities and a constant influx of information.

Life Skills Education

Life skills education bridges the gap between basic functioning and capabilities. It strengthens the ability of students to act responsibly during emergency situations.

Certificate Programme in First-Aid, Disaster Response and Preparedness, Health and Care in the community have been incorporated into the curriculum. This would occur twice per term, where learners would be taken outdoors for activities allowing students to apply their academic learning to the world around them. The outbound activities will promote engagement levels, build confidence, and teamwork and create connections among the students. Certified training in Search and Rescue, Lifeguarding, and other Emergency Responsive Trainings will be provided by the domain experts.

Active Wellness Programme

Learners’ overall growth is our priority – and that includes their body, mind, and spirit. We place a strong emphasis on physical fitness through yoga and sports activities. The aim is to promote healthy living and physical growth. To ensure that we have included the following initiatives. To build a healthy body and mind, the learners are encouraged to attend yoga classes that are held on a weekly basis. To build a healthy body and mind, the learners are encouraged to attend yoga classes that are held on a weekly basis.

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Service and Learning

Service and Learning involve projects with partner organizations around topics of development, education, health care, agriculture, gender rights, etc. It promotes the development of students' civic and democratic engagement, and develops greater flexibility and adaptability in working with community issues.

Thought Processors

Knowledgeum Academy invites some of the greatest thinkers and most passionate game-changers of our time to engage with students in a close setting where they can ask questions, prompt debates, and find inspiration for the future. It will inspire students to consider new career paths and take on new challenges, that they may not have even considered before.

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