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Myths VS Facts About The Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum

The choice of school and curriculum in early education impacts a learner’s higher education. The right choice is when one is aware of the relevant facts about the educational approach of each curriculum. With international curricula like Cambridge’s IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) gaining more popularity over the years, it is essential to know about the various myths surrounding the curriculum. No learner should have to let go of the chance of world-class education based on myths. Let us take down some of the most common myths about IGCSE.

IGCSE Does Not Help With Competitive Examinations

Many believe that only traditional boards offer a curriculum that helps learners crack competitive exams like AIEEE, IIT, CET and many more. However, the truth is that IGCSE exams include MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) that are helpful while preparing for competitive exams because they follow the same format of questions in the paper. The IGCSE curriculum gives students in-depth knowledge about vital concepts and encourages them to think logically instead of simply memorising concepts. This skill is also helpful to learners while sitting for competitive exams because most papers keep straightforward questions to a minimum and test the student’s logical thinking.

IGCSE Is Tougher Than CBSE And Other Traditional Curricula

It is not a simple task comparing an Indian curriculum like CBSE with an international curriculum like IGCSE . They both offer in-depth knowledge on the subjects through different educational approaches. Both are equally thorough in enhancing the student’s grasp of the subject matter as students respond differently to the two curricula. The difference between the two is that IGCSE honours these differences and allows them to choose their own goals and pace themselves according to their capabilities.

IGCSE Is Only For NRIs And Foreign Nationals

Cambridge's IGCSE is an international curriculum which is recognised worldwide, including Indian universities. Students successful in completing the course are preferred both in national and international universities. They learn to innovate, take initiatives and show leadership skills throughout the course of two-years. Every student deserves an educational approach that prepares them for higher education at their preferred college. Acquiring a steady foundation is of high priority since students would have to beat global competition to enroll in foreign universities.

Content Of IGCSE Curriculum Is Different From Traditional Curriculum

While IGCSE is an international course, it imparts the same knowledge about most subjects as any traditional curriculum. The main difference is in its teaching process. Traditional boards prefer classroom teaching however, IGCSE includes more practical activities, interaction with experts, exploratory activities and outdoor activities to impart knowledge. A student of IGCSE will be as proficient as a student of CBSE, when they pass out of school.

IGCSE Students Face Difficulties During Job Interviews

IGCSE indeed takes a different approach from traditional boards while educating students and learners to come out with various preparation for life ahead. However, IGCSE encourages learners to develop skills, character and personality while gaining theoretical knowledge. The truth is that IGCSE students are better prepared for job interviews because they not only learn concepts but also gain confidence through hands-on activities. This experience and confidence help in cracking job interviews later in life.

Choosing the right curriculum is an excellent source of stress for learners because this decision paves the way for their future education. Whether or not you decide to enrol in IGCSE, it is best to be well-informed about the curriculum and make a decision based on facts and not myths.

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