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Use your skills to build an exemplary institution of higher secondary learning. At Knowledgeum, we are not building courseware, we are building a hub for research, practice, and continuous learning where the teaching-learning process leads to useful knowledge creation. We invite you to work in a dynamic, collaborative, creative environment alongside some of the brightest minds in education, supported by our exclusive professional development programme. Knowledgeum is the right place for those who appreciate challenging conventions, forging new paths, and accomplishing things that have not been done before.

Current openings

We invite applications from experienced and enthusiastic educators for the IB Diploma programme in the following areas:

Job Code Job Title Experience Description 
KA / HR/ 003 Business Management and Accountancy Educator 5 + Years in IBDP and DP Certified Know More
KA / HR/ 004 Mathematics Educator 5 + Years in IBDP & IGCSE and IBDP Certified Know More
KA / HR/ 001 English Language Educator + TOK Coordinator 5 + Years in IBDP and DP Certified Know More
KA / HR/ 002 Hindi Educator 5 + Years in IGCSE / Pre University / ICSC Know More

Candidates can send their resume to [email protected] for any query.

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