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Is Kannada compulsory in Bangalore IB schools?

No, it isn’t. Kannada is the state language of Karnataka and the language is compulsory for learners from classes I to V in CBSE, ICSE, and State Boards as a second or third language. International education boards such as the International Baccalaureate schools in Bangalore do not require learners to choose Kannada as a compulsory subject. Non-Kannadiga parents can breathe a sigh of relief and only if the child is interested, they can consider choosing the language, assuming that the school offers Kannada as a subject. IB offers multiple language alternatives and their rigorous standard will ensure that the learner can read, write and speak the language and even become familiar with the culture, norms, literature and social interaction of the region where the language is widely spoken.

Language choices in IB Schools of Bangalore

English is a compulsory language in IB schools and it is offered as a Language and Literature course. IB schools in Bangalore like Knowledgeum Academy offer the English Language and Literature subject at Higher Level and Standard Level. IB board offers two other subjects in the Group 1 Language and Literature subject group -

  • Language A: literature
  • Literature and performance

Learners must choose a second language as part of Group 2 Language Acquisition and the options for these are French, Hindi and Spanish. These can also be chosen at Standard Level or Higher Level.

Is there any benefit in skipping Kannada

Language is the primary medium of communication and even a regional language like Kannada has its place of importance. One can survive in Bangalore by knowing rudimentary Kannada as is evidenced by the large expat community in the city who come from across the world and India. Further, with applications such as Google Translate, individuals can manage to some extent and staying in the city, one will pick commonly spoken phrases. Not everyone has the knack for picking a language fluently. If you have moved to the city for a short period especially if the children are older, then it will become challenging for them to learn a new language. Knowledgeum Academy is the best IB school in Bangalore in terms of giving learners exposure and experience in understanding and experiencing regional issues and culture of Karnataka and Bangalore. Through their CAS activities, learners participate in community service and development activities in the city. As part of their curriculum, learners go on field visits to iconic institutions of Bangalore.

Is there a benefit to learning Kannada

Yes, learning any new language will expand your knowledge and understanding and it is an essential skill. Though Kannada is majorly spoken across Karnataka, knowing the language can help learners comprehend many other Indian languages because many words are common between languages. Also, if you plan to settle in Bangalore, do business or work in Karnataka then knowing Kannada will help. Having said that, the majority of the people in Karnataka speak English and understand Hindi. So, you can manage with speaking basic phrases. If you are interested in learning the language, you can do it outside the school too. The best IB school in Bangalore, Knowledgeum Academy is located in Jayanagar, which is a vibrant part of the city and an interested learner can find time and a good tutor to learn the language.

Do IB school learners need Kannada?

The top IB schools in Bangalore like Knowledgeum Academy that offer courses such as the IB Diploma Programme attract learners who are there for two years. This is a critical phase in the learner’s academic career because their performance and time utilisation in this period will define their chances to enter the top colleges and programmes internationally. At the 11th and 12th grade levels, the syllabus for Kannada will be advanced and a student who has basic or no understanding of the language will struggle, especially because the language has its script too. So, unless learners have some personal interest they do not need to learn Kannada.

One of the greatest strengths of the IB curriculum is that it teaches learners to respect regional culture and diversity. IB curriculum schools in Bangalore - Knowledgeum Academy and others introduce learners to the culture and city through their activities. So, learning Kannada is not the only route for the learner to become acquainted with the city.

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