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Knowledgeum Academy at Wipro Bengaluru Marathon 2023

08 October 2023

In pursuit of acquiring valuable skills through diverse CAS-related activities, the learners of Knowledgeum Academy were passionate about participating in the Wipro Bengaluru Marathon 2023, an event organised by Wipro, held on the 8th of October. This marathon took place at the Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru.

Our learners arrived at the venue with great enthusiasm, to take part in the marathon and embrace a healthier lifestyle. They not only enjoyed the event but also actively contributed to raising awareness about the benefits of embracing a healthier way of life.

Participation in the marathon promoted their physical health and also encouraged teamwork, discipline, and perseverance – all essential life skills. This event served as a platform for our learners to showcase their dedication and commitment to personal growth.

By being part of the marathon, our students showed their strong community spirit. The event resonated with our institution's values, emphasising the importance of holistic development.

This participation in the Wipro Bengaluru Marathon was a testament to our learners' dedication to personal growth, collaboration, and promoting a healthier way of life. It also represents our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals.

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