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Knowledgeum Academy’s Vibrant 77th Independence Day Celebration

15 August 2023

Marking India's incredible journey and remarkable achievements, we at Knowledgeum Academy united to celebrate the 77th Independence Day, embracing our nation's diversity.

At the gathering, our thoughts turned to the brave freedom fighters whose tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on our history, inspiring us to play a meaningful role in shaping our society.

In the spirit of creativity and togetherness, educators and learners commemorated the day under the theme 'Nation First, Always First.' It was not just a celebration; it was a heartfelt expression of gratitude, conveyed through art and the richness of our cultural heritage.

A mural stretched across a canvas that spanned an impressive 40 feet, conveyed a compelling story. It interweaved themes of unity, cultural richness, historical milestones, progress, and the precious concept of freedom that we hold dear.

During the celebration, learners took the stage to showcase their talents. Suhani Gandhi, a trained Kathak dancer from IBDP II, paid homage to our roots with her graceful moves. Sai Amogh from IBDP I added a touch of heritage through a mesmerising tabla performance.

Following this, monologues were delivered by Tushad Mogrelia, Suhani Gandhi, and Arpit Jha. Tushad and Suhani’s careful exploration of Gandhi’s Spectacles and Arpit’s poignant portrayal of the life of Captain Anuj Nayyar added depth to the celebration. The audiences were further delighted by the captivating Odissi dance by Ms. Sahana Maiya followed by the learners' performance depicting Unity in Diversity, the harmonious blend of cultures that define our nation.

The unity of educators and learners captured our shared identity in this celebration. The tribute to the past, and its resonance lingers in the corridors of our Academy, echoing the very essence of Independence Day and the values it holds.

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